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Community for Conroe ISD's Future is a group of like-minded citizens, parents, teachers, and business owners who have joined together to support the passage of the Conroe ISD 2019 Bond. Learn how to get involved with our cause here!

What's In the 2019 Bond?

The Conroe ISD 2019 Bond will fund new construction and renovation projects, as well as safety & security and technology infrastructure upgrades, across our district. Invest in our students. Provide them with the learning environments they deserve!

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The Conroe ISD 2019 Bond cannot pass without YOUR SUPPORT! The future of our students, our district and our community is depending on your vote FOR the 2019 Bond. Click here to find out when and where you can vote FOR the future of our great district.

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Mike Meador
Montgomery County Commissioner, Precinct 1

Jim Kuykendall
Mayor, Oak Ridge North

Dr. Don Stockton
Retired Conroe ISD Superintendent

The Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce

Conroe/Lake Conroe Chamber of Commerce

Deann Alger
Dwight Arnold
Christina Barnett
Kelly Barnett
Cody Bartlett
Janet Bartlett
Mike Bass
Jill Behrens
Nicole Bender
Jim Blair
Maris Blair
Nelda Luce Blair
Matthew Blakelock
Thomas Boak
Patti Bozman
John Bracken
Gayle Brand
Lindsey Brillante
Dr. Mel Brown
Mary Bryant
Debbie Buckalew Campbell
Debbie Burns
Debbie Campbell
Sylvia Campbell
Sindy Cardenas
Mendy Jean Carr
Lisa Chandonnet-Bedoya
David Chesney
Jane Chesney
Bill Cochran Jr.
Bill Cole
Mitzi Cole
Walter Cooke
Ashley Copeland
Paul Cote
Tom Cox, Jr.
Tom Cox, Sr.
Peter Cragg, DVM
Denise Crawford
Tara Davis
David Deck
Lonna Deluke
Susie Doyle
Gale Drummond
Colleen Duhon
Christine Eaves
Stacey Eicks
Arthur Erb
Kally Evans

Erin Faselet
David Feranchak
Carol Fernandez
Rick Fernandez
Dede Fix
Chris Flanagan
Mike Fortner
Bryan Fowler
Marc Fowler
William T. Fowler
Dede Fox
Roger Galatas
Jerilynn Gallegos
Cindy Geiger Looney
Amy Gentry
Jessica Gibson
Norma Glenn
Robert Glenn
Kelly Gomez
Karen Gonzales
Steve Hailey
Jeremy Hall
Mona Hamby
Letha Hamel
Jessica Hansen
Jane Harding
David Harrison
Tracey Harros
Christa Haymark
Kirk Helberg
Lisa Helberg
Katy Henderson
Keaton Hineman
Jim Holcomb
Roald Hoppel
Eric Horn
Marianne Horton
Dr. Robert Horton
Claude Hunter
Gerald Irons
Myrna Irons
Bala Iyer
Stacie Jahn
Tiffany James
Rob Johnson
Greg Jordan
Debbie Kaschik
Danielle Ketchum
Angela Koliba

Ron Laugen
Erica Lawrence
Bob Leilich
Jessica Locke
Debra Logan
Dianne Long
Nancy Ludrick
Telena Luker
Brenda Lynch
Andy Mahoney
Jennifer Majors-Baca
Mary Matteson-Parrish
Dixie McCleod
Janie Meador
Luis Mendoza Jr.
Ray Meyer
Joe Michels
Mike Midler
Amy Milstead
Jeannie Moore
Matthew Moore
Scott Moore
Brian Moran
Dusti Moran
Tammy Morrow
Katie Morton
Ryan Morton
Anita Natale
Linda Nelson
Becky Page
Linda Paredes
Norman Parrish
Lorena Perez McGill
Tiffany Podolski
Marsha Porter
Sarah Pritchett
Todd Pritchett
Stephanie Provo
Jasmine Reed
Troy Reynolds
Enrique Rosero
Janie Rountree
Michael Ruediger
Stephanie Ruediger
Jennifer Ruppert
Vidyanand Sakthi
Kathy Sanders
Steve Sanders
Cheryle Sanderson

Bob Sasser
Lynda Sasser
Kip Saunders
Rose Saunders
Tammy Schroder
Meghan Schuetz
John Sellars
Sangeetha Shankar
Glenna Sloan
Barbara Smith
Dr. Ann K. Snyder
Jerry Snyder
Gwendolyn Spears
Debra Staley
Malinda Stewart
Thomas Stewart
Kara Stockton
Debbie Sukin
Steve Sukin
Lynn Surgers
Kristie Swoboda
James Taylor
Bruce Tough
Tracie Turner
Victor Uher
Sarah Ullrich
Paul Vanderwal
Amanda Van Dusen
April Vick
George Waggoner
Kenneth Waldrum
Daniel Walker
Elaine Wallace
Laura Weaver
Chris Webb
Judy Webb
Natascha Webb
Karen West
Taylor White
Hannah Wilems
Datren Williams
Maya Williams
Mike Winkler
Hannah Woody
Jane Wooldridge
Ted Wooldridge
Jane Yates
Tom Zavesky
Gunilla Zeballos

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