Two Proposals. One Future.

The Conroe ISD 2019 Bond is a result of quality community input and careful weighing of options. Following the results of the May 2019 election, Conroe ISD listened to taxpayer feedback, met with various stakeholder groups, and then revised the previous bond based on the feedback received and with the goal of pulling together a bond package that meets the most critical needs of the district with NO TAX RATE INCREASE.

After listening to input of the community, Conroe ISD developed a bond election with two proposals. You can vote FOR both proposals during early voting from October 21 to November 1 and on Election Day on Tuesday, November 5, 2019.

Vote For Proposition A

Keep Up With Growth

Conroe ISD is the 4th fastest growing school district in Texas since 2016, adding 2,400 more students this year and projecting to grow another 13,600 students in the next 10 years!  We are out of space and classrooms are overcrowded. This proposal provides needed facilities thru 2024 and land purchases for future campuses.

Keep Our Kids & Teachers Safe

Our students and staff deserve safe learning and working environments and protection from modern-day threats. This bond includes access control systems, surveillance cameras, upgraded fire alarms, security lighting, emergency generators and radio signal amplifiers for first responders. These upgrades and additions touch every campus, benefiting every student and employee and our community at-large.

New Buses & Transportation Upgrades

More students equal more buses. More buses equal more repairs. CISD transports 37,000 students each day to school and activities and the district bus fleet travels over 7 million miles per year! Currently, 131 school buses do not have air conditioning. This bond includes new buses with seat belts and air conditioning to keep up with growth and student demand. Expansion of the North Transportation Center includes a body shop, bus and employee parking, and more office space.

Career & Technology Expansion

CISD offers 3,600 CTE certifications in various programs along with Lone Star College Dual Credit courses in Welding, Auto Tech, EMT and CNC Manufacturing. These courses provide hands-on, real-world training to prepare our students to be career-, college-, and military-ready. The bond includes funding for a South County CTE Hub located at Oak Ridge HS, allowing more opportunities and space for students to participate in programs currently only offered at Conroe High School.

Take Care of Aging Buildings

It’s time to address repairs and maintenance at some of our older campuses. New roofs, new kitchens, and new HVAC systems are included.  Energy management controls will save the district money that can be diverted back to the classroom.

Technology Infrastructure

Our district supports over 72,000 network logins every day and that number will increase by several thousand each year. Expanding network capacity to support classroom teaching tools, student information systems, disaster recovery, safety and security systems and wifi access points throughout the district.

Vote For Proposition B


Artificial turf playing fields are outdoor classrooms, providing 24/7 year-round access for all student groups while saving around one million gallons of water per year per field. Converting from natural grass to turf also cuts the total annual cost of routine maintenance like mowing, fertilizing, and pesticides from approximately $63,000 per year PER FIELD for grass to $12,500 for turf. These savings can be diverted back into teaching and learning! Converting football/band/soccer and baseball/softball fields to turf means teams can still practice & remain competitive in UIL regardless of inclement weather or the Spring growing season.

Is Information availble by feeder zone?

Yes! Conroe ISD has developed a fantastic website with TONS of great information about projects by feeder zone, the proposed contingency plan if the bond does not pass (think operating budget shortfalls, hiring freezes, less teachers and increased class sizes etc...), and supporting information like demographic studies. Visit for more!